WM8140 - ROGI Universal Tool Milling Machine

WM8140 - ROGI Universal Tool Milling Machine

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High power and precision for production, repairs and training Design features excellent rigidity and performance Heavy fixed angle table features a large setup area and high load capacity Vertical gear head swivels and the quill can be moved manually With 3-axis digital readout Coolant system Central lubrication

WM8140 – This tool milling machine is designed to be a middle size universal tool milling machine, which can perform procedures such as milling, boring, drilling and slotting, it is suitable for machining cutter, fixture, die and mould and other components with complex figuration. Using various special options, it can manufacture all kind of components such as spiral, arc, gear, rack, spline.


Item NoWM8140
Table size horizontal working table800 x 400 mm
Table size vertical working table950 x 250 mm
Longitudinal / transverse / vertical travel500/350/400 mm
Universal table Horizontal swivel±360º
Universal table Inclination to front and rear±30º
Universal table Inclination on left and right±30º
Vertical milling head Vertical travel of quill60 mm
Vertical milling head Axis inclination on left and right±90º
Horizontal spindle Spindle taperISO40
Horizontal spindle Height from axis to ground1330 mm
Horizontal spindle Min. distance between axis and surface of horizontal table35 mm
Vertical spindle Spindle taperISO40
Vertical spindle Min. distance between nose and surface of horizontal table5 mm
Horizontal and vertical spindle speed: steps/range18 steps / 40 ~ 2000 rpm
Longitudinal, transverse and vertical feeds: steps/ range18 steps / 10 ~ 500 mm/min
Vertical milling spindle feed3 steps / 0.03 ~ 0.12 mm/rev
Power of main motor / feed motor3 Kw / 1.5 Kw
Max. table load300 kg
Overall dimension1820 x 1640 x 1710 mm
Net weight2300 kg