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FSG-2550 Rogi saddle moving surface grinder

  • Well designed cast iron structure provides excellent dampening
  • Flange mount spindle cartridge for superior side grinding rigidity
  • Grinding spindle features low maintenance preloaded high precision angular ball bearings (NSK P4 grade)
  • "V" and flat type guide way with precision hand scrapped turcite saddle ways for smooth and long lasting performance
  • Table guideways are hardened, ground and counter laminated with PTFE (TEFLON) to ensure high wear-resistance
  • Centralized automatic lubrication system, supplies oil to guideways and leadscrews as the machine operates
  • Separate hydraulic tank prevents heat and vibrations from being transferred to the machine
  • Electric components and functional modules are well arranged and packed in the electric cabinet, making maintenance and trouble-shooting easily accessible
  • Safe 24V control circuit power
  • A PLC control with a servo-drive on Y axis simplify the input of grinding cycles for plane and slot grinding
  • FSG-2550A: 3-axis automatic feed - hydraulic automatic longitudinal feed, electronic automatic cross feed, incremental auto down feed
  • Options: Digital readout for Y/Z axis, Parallel wheel dresser, Balancing stand, Diamond pen, Oil tank guard, Magnetic separator & paper filter, Dust exhaust system, Luxurious splashing board


Item NoFSG-2550MFSG-2550A
Table size254×508 mm254×508 mm
T slot of the table14 mm ×114 mm ×1
Table longitudinal move speed5~25 m/min5~25 m/min
Max. Distance from table surface to spindle centerline450 mm450 mm
Max. Loading capacity180 kg180 kg
Table transverse movement
Auto intermittent feed
0.2~8 mm0.2~8 mm
Table transverse movement
Rapid speed
990 mm/min990 mm/min
Table transverse movement
Feed of Hand-wheel
0.02 mm/div0.02 mm/div
Table transverse movement
Feed of Hand-wheel
5 mm/rev5 mm/rev
Grinding wheel size220x20x31.75 mm220x20x31.75 mm
Grinding wheel speed2850 (50HZ) rpm2850 (50HZ) rpm
Vertical movement
Auto feed
-/-0.005/0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04/0.05 mm
Vertical movement
Rapid Speed
-/-480 mm/min
Vertical movement
Feed of hand-wheel
0.005 mm/div
1 mm/rev
0.005 mm/div
1 mm/rev
Spindle motor2.2 kw2.2 kw
Oil pump motor0.75 kw0.75 kw
Cooling pump motor0.04 kw0.04 kw
Vertical driven motor-/-0.5 kw
Transverse driven motor0.04 kw0.04 kw
Weight1800 kg1800kg
Floor space2300x2200 mm2300x2200 mm