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              Precision and reliability for small and medium-sized workpieces








    Item NoSG-2050
    Table size200 x 460 mm
    Max. longitudinal travel510 mm
    Max. cross travel238
    Max. distance from spindle to table450 mm
    Electro magnetic chuck size200 x 460 mm
    Table longitudinal feed speed7-23 m/min
    Table tansverse movement
    Auto feed
    0.1 - 8 mm/min
    Rapid speed990 m/min
    Feed of handwheel0.02 mm/div
    Head vertical movement
    Auto feed
    0.005/0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04/0.05 mm
    Rapid speed460 mm/min
    Feed of handweel0.005 mm/div
    Grinding wheel
    2850 rpm
    Size200 x 20 x 31.75 mm
    Spindle motor2.2 Kw
    Hydranlic motor0.75 Kw
    Cooling pump motor0.04 Kw
    Cross feed motor0.04 Kw
    Max. loading of table120 kg
    Total rated power3Kw
    Height of machine1675 mm
    Floor space2050 x 400 mm
    Gross weight1600 kg
    Packing dimensions1900x1720x2175 mm