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             For inside and outside machining



    Item NoMW1420x520
    Distance between centers520/750 mm
    Center height118 mm
    Dia. ground (O.D)8~200 mm
    Dia. ground (I.D)13~80 mm
    Max. length ground (O.D)520/750 mm
    Max. length ground (I.D)125 mm
    Max. weight of work piece50 mm
    Swiveling angle+90º
    Center taper3 MT
    Spindle speed r/min60/85/230/120/170/460
    Wheel spindle speed1820 r/min
    Wheelhead rapid travel20 mm
    Max. travel150 mm
    Swiveling angle-180º ~ +30º
    Hand feed per. rev1 mm
    Hand free per. gra0.00125
    Wheel size (O.DxWxID)400 x 40 x 203 mm
    Peripheral velocity35 m/s
    Spindle speed1400 r/min
    Dimension of wheelMax. 50x25x13
    Min. 17x20x6
    Hand feed per. rev6 mm
    Max. swiveling angle of tableClockwise 5º (520) 3º (750)
    Anticlockwise 9º
    Longitudinal speed range of table0.1-4 m/min
    Center tape3 MT
    Quill travel25 mm
    Wheelhead motor power3 Kw
    Internal grindingThe same motor with wheelhead motor
    Workhead motor power0.25/0.37 Kw