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MW1420X520 - Rogi Grinding Machine


Item NoMW1420x520
Maximal grinding exterior round diameter200 mm
Minimal grinding exterior round diameter8 mm
Maximal grinding aperture100 mm
Minimal grinding aperture13 mm
Maximal exterior round grinding length500:800 mm
Maximal grinding aperture depth125 mm
Maximal workpiece’s weight80 kg
Open type central frame clamping diameter8-60 mm
Close type central frame clamping diameter10-90 mm
Center height135 mm
Centre distance500:800 mm
Head frame center
#4 mm
Tail frame center
#4 mm
Possibility of returning main shaftPossible
Body seat returning angle+90°
Workpiece’s rotating speed40 ~ 400 r/min
Three-claw chuck diameter200 mm
Four-claw chuck diameter200 mm
Size of grinding wheelØ400×50×Ø203
(Grinded to Ø280×50×Ø203)
Line speed of grinding wheel35/25.4 m/s
Main shaft’s rotating speed of grinding wheel1670 r/min
Maximal moving quantity of grinding wheel frame200 mm
Grinding wheel frame’s moving quantity after turning the hand wheel for one ring1.0 mm
Grinding wheel frame’s moving quantity after turning the hand wheel for one grid0.005 mm
Grinding wheel frame’s moving quantity after turning the knob for one grid0.00125 mm
Fast forward and backward measurement of grinding wheel frame25 mm
Returning angle of grinding wheel frame180°
Center moving quantity of tail frame25 mm
Moving type of tail frameManual + feet step hydraulic pressure
Longitudinal maximal moving quantity of the workbench600:850 mm
Hydraulic pressure transmission speed of the workbenchMax ≥2 m/min
Min ≤0.05 m/min
Returning angle of upper and lower workbench3° Clockwise
9° Anti-clockwise
Inner round grinding tool
Size of grinding wheel
Max 40×32×16 mm
Min 12×10×6 mm
Main shaft’s rotating speed10000 r/min
Cooling pumpType: YB-D16
Flux 16 L/min
Adjusting pressure of main oil circuit0.9~1.1 Mpa
Adjusting pressure of lubricating oil circuit0.1-0.15 Mpa
Grinding wheel frame’s electromotor4 kW
Synchronous rotating speed3000 r/min (50Hz)
3600 r/min (60Hz)
Head frame electromotor0.75 kW
Oil pump0.75 kW
Synchronous rotating speed910 r/min 180°
Cooling pump0.125 kW
Synchronous rotating speed2800 r/mm 180°
Dimension2500×1600×1500 mm
Weight2800 kg