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  • The Dual700 is a multi-function tube forming machine equipped with dual bending heads mounted alongside each other. Each head can be fitted with different tools for bending, end forming, hole punching or cutting. The user can tailor the combination of tools for optimum utilization of the machine performance
  • Fewer stoppages for tool changes ensure shorter setting times
  • The Dual700 is a tube forming machine with very high precision, high performance and scope for achieving high flexibility


Item No710S
Capacity, Ø mm51 x 2
Radius, min/max30/250
Radius difference70
Length of mandrel 2000–∞ mm
Weight, kg4 500
Machine dimensions4,0 x 1,6 x 1,5
Motor kw 15
Bending speed 0–200°/sec
Tube rotation 0–360°/sec
Length feeding 0–1 800 mm/sec
Degree of tolerance 0,05°/mm